2015/06/23 – Vivi’s Zombie Vision

2015/06/23 - We were away.

Well, not really. We were and are just busier than I can explain, or than I have time to explain. 14 hours or work/day aren't enough as we're now working on our own projects in parallel with the game projects that we call work -= but we actually love doing as well =- and that help us fund our quests.

Apologies to whom passed by and many thanks to everyone who gave us a message to ask where the new comic is 🙂 .
Above all, thank you for the support, be it of any nature, we greatly appreciate it 🙂 .
- Vivi

2015/10/04 D&D Part 1

April 10, 2015 - D&D Part 1

D&D, and why you should love it. Or hate it. Or love to hate it. We're fighting dragons, elementals, while he's rehearsing his lines : "Countess, your prowess and beauty has mesmerized the lot of us all. If you may allow me to..." . SLAY THE DRAGOOOON !!!

(Half) Elvish bards.